Sunday , November 29 2015

Google: Key online video learnings from 2014

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Executives from GroupM, Anheuser Busch, Google and Tubular Labs, discuss the key online video learnings from 2014, the growth of video consumption on mobile devices and the resolutions for online video for 2015. Read More »

Samsung and Celebrity Couple Create Commercials You Want to Watch!


In this age of streaming television and DVRs, I can’t even remember the last time I watched an entire commercial. Their repetitiveness and jingles irritate me; the annoying spokespeople and phoniness of it all leaves me reaching for the remote to speed through the commercial break. That’s why I was so surprised when I caught a glimpse of something that ... Read More »

Content owners: Solve Your Vimeo Copyright Match Issues


If you are served a copyright violation alert, Vimeo has made it very easy to appeal the match and clear your upload Read More »

10th Annual Davey Awards Winner!


CONGRATULATIONS ARE IN ORDER! We won Silver in 2 categories, our third year in a row! 2014 Silver Award: 1664Z – 2013 Beyonce SMS Campaign – Mobile Marketing – Events 2014 Silver Award: 1669W – rebrand – Websites – Branding About the Davey Awards: The Davey Awards is an international creative award focused exclusively on honoring outstanding creative work ... Read More »

The new Volvo ad reminds us again why a well-crafted storyline is so important.

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The new Volvo ad hits 2 million views, reminding us again why a well-crafted storyline is so important. Read More »

Aaron Rodgers gets tips from Hanz and Franz from SNL


New State Farm Ad Features Aaron Rodgers   Read More »

How Should Marketers be Utilizing Mobile-Only Apps?

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Snapchat, Whisper, Secret, YikYak, Truth, Confide and 20 Day Stranger: how should marketers use them to connect with customers on mobile, and what are the ‘new rules of engagement’? Read More »

What makes a good commercial?

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This commercial by director Spike Jonze, is another testament to good story telling. As storytellers we must use every sense available. This director utilized music, lighting and cross cutting along with simple suggestive scenes to bring you into the commercial and make you feel bad for the lamp. Even if you don’t feel bad for the lamp, viewers will wonder ... Read More »

Crazy low budget ad gets over 1.5 million views.

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This ad was crazy… Crazy good that is! It was one of those ads that I really wanted to hate… but the sheer, seemingly idiotic creativeness keeps you from wanting to shut it off. Oddly enough, it is shot very well and the references to old video games, TV and family photos have you laughing from the get go. The ... Read More »

Planning For (And Against) The Second Screen

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From the brilliant minds at Jack Morton Worldwide comes this amazing bit of research by way of SlideShare. According to the SlideShare description: Today, 90% of media consumption is screen based. In 2014, the number of mobile devices in the world will exceed the global population. By 2018, there will be 1.4 connected mobile devices per person. That means that, ... Read More »

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