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Tell us what you think: Current events in advertising (Vonage V.S. Cox)

The marketing battle for your home phone.

Vonage V.S. Cox: which ad do you like better?

The local cable company where I live is Cox, and they have some really creative ad campaigns for their own company. Their low budget local ads aren’t anything special– but that’s a topic for another day.

Cox, as well as many other companies, are now offering cable along with phone and internet. The Cox version has been branded as the “bundle.”

I’m not going to give you the run down on their promotion but just know that thus far it has been a very successful campaign.

What I do want to talk about is the differences between the most recent ads pushing these services. The other day I saw two ads in a row that got me thinking. One of them was for Cox and the other was for Vonage.

The more creative commercial

The spot for Cox opens with a medium shot of a brand new washing machine and dryer set. The washing machine is quietly washing a load.

The narrator begins a speech about the awards won for reliability, but he never names the company, leaving you to think he’s talking about the washing machine.

Suddenly the washing machine explodes and a lady runs into the shot to grab her phone and call someone for help.

It closes with the narrator talking about how reliable Cox’s phone service is.

This spot took great imagination and in the end used an entertaining way to demonstrate the benefit of having a reliable phone. But it lost points because the benefit they’re promoting isn’t too important these days.

I haven’t heard of anyone having connection issues on their home phone since Ice Cube stopped sporting his jerry-curl.

The more targeted commercial

The Vonage spot directly attacked the idea of bundles and packages. Which I thought was pure genius.

In the ad Vonage uses the biggest complaint about bundles against the phone and cable companies.

What is this complaint?

Simply the fact that it’s hard to figure out how much money is going to which services. Plus if you get only phone service separately it can be very expensive, leaving people to feel like they are being ripped off if they opt out of said bundles.

The entire ad is a montage of people talking about how they feel ripped-off by these bundle things, and how they love the fact that Vonage has one payment that’s way lower than they ever expected.

This spot is effective, timely and simple to understand.

People are looking to cut their monthly payments and they love things that are simple.

Plus you have people who feel they’re being burned by phone and cable company “bundled deals.”

The ad does not get an entirely glowing review, however, because it lacked a real creative punch to make it more memorable than the Cox ad.

Think about it. How many “Real customer testimonial” commercials have there been?

And how many can you say were memorable?

So what do you think?

I want to know which ad you guys like better. Do you think you could have come up with better promotions for the same services?

Until next time…Happy marketing.

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